As most corporates across the world are embracing the new way of doing work, virtual meetings have become an essential aspect of their work-from-home lifestyle. Many businesses are conducting internal team meetings, review calls, and even client meetings virtually.

To look your best you must make slight changes and adjust your makeup for zoom meetings. One thing to note before switching on the camera is that the way you look in front of the camera can be different than how you look in a real meeting. The natural light of your room, the screen brightness, camera resolutions, etc play a key role and can either enhance or diminish your looks.

Nevertheless, it is always a good idea to look visually appealing on corporate calls in order to make a good impression. In addition, it gives credibility to what you’re about to discuss in the meeting and leaves a lasting effect on those you’re speaking with.

So, if you’re looking for a few simple hacks to get the perfect makeup for zoom meetings and enhance your appearance without putting in a lot of effort, you’ve come to the right spot!

Here I am going to reveal the most important makeup tips for your next virtual meeting.

So let’s begin.

Tips to get perfect makeup for Zoom Meetings

1. Moisturize your face – makeup for zoom meetings

This forms the first step and the most crucial one too. It is important to keep your skin hydrated as moisturized skin glows with a radiance that can be seen even during online calls.

When your skin is properly nourished, it shines with its natural glow. If you apply the moisturizer properly, it can stay on for the most part of the day. This will provide you with a strong canvas on which you can apply your makeup.

If you have dry skin then check out these simple and very effective ways to get that flawless and well hyderated skin.

2. Just a little bit of concealer should be fine – makeup for zoom meetings

Since the meeting is purely virtual, it’s absolutely fine to skip the base makeup and use only a tiny amount of concealer around the eyes, mouth, and problem areas with blemishes.

As you are perfecting the makeup for zoom meetings, it’s important to know that the camera is your friend and it automatically blurs a lot of imperfections on the face. Thus keeping it minimal is the right approach.

3. Your well defined lips will speak for you – makeup for zoom meetings

Lips with well-defined outlines and bold colors work wonders. They instill confidence in you while conveying the message that you are in charge of the situation.

If you have dry lips then it will be easily identifiable on those zoom calls so hydrate your lips and make them look fuller before jumping into the call.

You can try a tinted lip balm or lip oil to get that naturally moisturized look. Another reason to prefer the lip balm is that it interacts greatly with your lip and stays on for hours. It blends well with your lip’s natural tone and looks exactly like your lips, only a bit better!

4. Minimal yet noticible eyes makeup for zoom meetings

To make your eyes noticeable and sober, use minimal eye makeup. You can apply mascara to your lashes to make your eyes appear larger. Mascara maintains the curl of the lashes and adds natural length.

In virtual meetings, it’s important to maintain eye contact with the team members and clients as it’s an indication of your interest and attentiveness. Look more confident by preparing yourself for the perfect eye makeup.

5. Pressed powder and blush – makeup for zoom meetings

I prefer a delicate glow to a shining one. Pressed powder is so light that a small coat of this powder is all you would need. If you have more time in hand, use some blush to achieve the flushed look. A modest blush on your cheeks can give you a radiant appearance in your online meetings.

A pro tip is to ensure that your blusher should match the color of your lips.

6. Don’t forget the brows – makeup for zoom meetings

Your eyebrows form the most prominent part of the entire frame of your face. It somehow puts together the entire look as you get on to the camera. We recommend using a nice eyebrow pencil that neatly defines your brows and gives them a perfect shape.

7. Go for easy-to-maintain hairstyles – makeup for zoom meetings

Your hair should always be manageable and well organized. Keep your hair off your face to avoid sweating. If your hair are unmanageable and always falling on your face while you are in the online meeting, it definitely doesn’t leave a good impression on your peers and clients.

Special Pro Tips from Experts for the perfect makeup for zoom meetings

Do not neglect the lightening

You must have heard the photographers saying that lighting is everything. Well, this is quite true for virtual meetings too. To flaunt your perfect makeup for zoom meetings, you must have good lighting in the room where you are taking the meeting. While there is no substitute for natural light, however, if you do not have a glass window in your room to get the natural sunlight, then halogen light is the second best.

Cleeanse your face and remove makeup before going to bed

Skin and hair require special aftercare too. As the working day comes to an end, you must remove all the makeup and cleanse your skin properly. Therefore to avoid any terrible outbreaks the next day, always use a good moisturizing cleanser and massage your head with a nice hair oil before you go to sleep.

A few words from CityMom

With more companies adapting to this new way of working, all I can say is that work from home and virtual meetings are here to stay.

Try these simple tips and get that perfect makeup for zoom meetings

If you want you can be selective and pick only those tips that work for you. Simply choose what works best for you and keep in mind the amount of time you have in hand before the next zoom call flashes on your screens.

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