Cotton is an environmentally friendly fabric and history shows that it has been in use since the beginning of 5000 BC for making clothes. It is a natural fabric that is soft on the skin and hence it is considered the most preferred choice for making cotton clothes for kids.

Even today, with so many synthetic fibers to choose from, cotton stands out as the most widely used natural fiber on the planet. Cotton clothes for kids are so comfortable that kids enjoy wearing this fabric again and again.

Characteristics of cotton that make it stand apart!

  • Being a natural fiber, it is not made artificially in the labs and hence it is completely chemical-free
  • Cotton is non-irritating to the skin and it is soft to the touch and feel which is why cotton clothes for kids are the best choice.
  • It is also a breathable material since it allows air to easily pass through it.
  • Unlike other synthetic fibers, cotton does not cause any allergy at all.
  • Cotton is lightweight and retains the dye colors very well.
  • It does not conduct electricity and is free from any static.
  • The cellular structure of cotton is very strong which makes it a strong and tough fabric.
  • Cotton also has enough space between its fiber due to which it is highly absorbant
  • It is completely biodegradable and hence environment friendally.

Cotton has been one of the most popular fabrics to be used in children’s clothes due to its numerous advantages.

Aadvantages of choosing Cotton Clothes for Kids

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1. Cotton is a strong and long-lasting fabric

Cotton is not like any other clothing fiber that requires gentle handling.  It is a rough and tuff material that can take the mishandling of your kids.

All kids are the same. They act similarly when they go out to the playgrounds, entertainment zones, etc. and their cotton clothes can have the strength to bear it all. Even if the cotton clothes get dirty, a simple wash is needed to remove the stains.

The strong fabric keeps their clothes in good condition for a much longer period of time. The color does not fade easily, and the clothes look perfect even after a few washes.

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2. Cotton is a natural absorber

Cotton allows your skin to breathe and keeps you cool in hot weather.

We all know how active our kids are today. All the jumping, running, playing that they do all the time, releases sweat from their bodies. Good quality cotton clothes for the kids absorb the sweat from their bodies, making their skin rash-free.

Since cotton is a good water absorber, it aids in sweat absorption by exposing it to the atmosphere for easy evaporation.

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3. Cotton requires little care

As cotton is a natural fabric, it requires very little maintenance. All you need to do to remove the stains is use an appropriate stain remover on tough stains and then put it in your washing machine.

In most cases, unless otherwise specified, the clothes made from cotton fabric do not require dry cleaning and can be hung to dry.

4. Cotton is Odorless

Cotton does not retain body odor and therefore it is an excellent choice for those with sensitive skin. The fabrics which are oil-based don’t absorb sweat and as a result of this, they retain an unpleasant odor.

Types of Cottons to be used for making cotton clothes for kids

There are broadly 4 types of cotton –

Pima Cotton

It is the finest and super soft cotton mostly produced in South America The fibers of Pima cotton are extra soft and extra long.

Egyptian Cotton

This is a form of super comfortable cotton produced near the Nile river valley in Egypt.

Upland Cotton

This is the most common form of cotton which forms nearly 90% of the world’s cotton production. This type of cotton has very short fibers.

Organic Cotton

Any cotton cultivated without the use of harmful chemicals can be considered organic cotton.

Types of cotton clothes for kids

The cotton fiber has multiple applications for kids. Here are a few examples –

  • Clothing – Cotton fiber can be used to make soft and comfortable clothes like tee shirts, dresses, trousers, socks, handkerchief etc.
  • Towels – Since cotton is highly absorbant, it can be used to make towels that easily absorb all the moisture.
  • Underwear – Cotton is the best material to make inner wears and undergarments as they are breathable and are soft on the skin.
  • Bed Lined & Furnishing – Cotton is perfect for making bed linen, pillows, pillow covers for kids.
  • Soft Toys – The soft toys made with cotton material do not irritate the kids as they hold and sleep with their favorite toys.

How to Take care of cotton clothes for kids

Here are a few ways to take care of cotton clothes.

  • Treat the strains on the cotton clothes before washing them
  • Cotton clothes may sometimes bleed colors during the first wash. Hence, it is suggested to wash the dark and light clothes separately.
  • Cotton clothes can be bleached too.
  • Wash cotton clothes in cold water to warm water ( ideally below 30 degree C)
  • Cotton clothes can be hand washed, machine washed or drycleaned.
  • Cotton clothes may shrink a little after wash so try to give your clothes a gentre stretch when they come out of the wash.

A few words from CityMom

The benefits of wearing cotton clothes are many. They are light in weight and easy to carry all day. In a nutshell, we can say that cotton is the most sought-after natural fiber that is widely used to create various types of cotton clothes for kids all over the world.

So like most parents, if you too pay great attention to your kid’s hygiene then first shower your child with the best soap for kids, give them a nice shampoo with the best shampoo for kids, and then make them wear clothes made of cotton fabric which are perfect for their sensitive skin. Cotton is by far the most skin-friendly material to be used for kids’ clothing. So the next time you go shopping for your kids’ clothes, you know what to pick.

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