Parenting is an art and a few wrong strokes here and there can spoil the canvas. What I am referring to is that parents may do so much for their children but sometimes, due to some known or unknown reasons, there could be evident voids that can affect the parent child relationship.

It takes a considerable amount of time, effort, and open communication to strengthen the parent child relationship.

Importance of parent child relationship

  • Children who have a strong bond with their parents are more likely to listen, assist, and follow directions.
  • There have been several kinds of research on children who share a healthy bond with their parents and the ones who don’t. As per the research, children who feel more connected with their parents are also more likely to articulate their day-to-day challenges like issues with peers or at school with their parents. With open communication and proper guidance, such kids are seen to have a better attitude towards life.
  • Parents who work towards strengthening their relationship with their children are essentially giving a lifelong legacy to their children. Such children are more likely to build secure bonds and lasting relationships with friends and peers.
  • Chances are, such children are emotionally intelligent and have better cognitive and social skills.

Qualities of a strong parent child relationship | Pillars for building a strong parent child relationship

Safety – Pillar 1 for a healthy parent child relationship

From the time a child is born till he becomes a grown-up, a child seeks security from his parents. He learns that his parents are there to provide for him and comfort him in whatever little ways they could. These learnings form the foundation of a healthy relationship.

Respect – Pillar 2 for a healthy parent child relationship

A strong relationship is always built on respect. Parents must listen to their children and respect their needs. Even if there are differences, parents must first listen to their children and let them put their message across. This is a sign of showing respect which goes a long way to fostering healthy relationships.

Acceptance – Pillar 3 for a healthy parent child relationship

To get this right, acceptance simply means accepting what your child is good at or capable of achieving. You can never build a healthy relationship if you are letting your child live your unrealized dreams.

Love – Pillar 4 for a healthy parent child relationship

After all the scoldings and reproach during the day, you must ensure your children go to the bed with the feeling that they are special to you and you love them the most.

Flexibility – Pillar 5 for a healthy parent child relationship

Your child is different at 6 than what he was at 3. You must adjust and evolve your positive parenting style alongside as your kids grow. What worked with an 8-year boy might not work with a teenage guy.

Understanding the importance of this topic, I am now going to how to strengthen the relationship

How to Improve Parent Child Relationship

1. Have Fun with Your Kids to strengthen parent child relationship

The idea is to get down and play with your kids. Play with toys or board games or even sing songs together. It doesn’t matter what game you play; all that matters is that you like each other and commit to giving each other your entire attention.

Allow your children to see your goofy side. Games like chess, ludo, or the ones played on play stations and Xbox are quite popular among elder children, while the younger kids enjoy playing any sort of game with their parents.

2. Make them a Priority in Your Life to strengthen parent child relationship

Your children must understand that they are a top priority in your life. Children might get tense knowing you aren’t paying attention to them. Part of being a parent is sometimes forgetting about the minor details and focusing on your children. Here are some ways to make your kids feel loved and valued. They grow up so quickly, and each day is unique.

3. Adore Them to strengthen parent child relationship

Regardless of your child’s age, tell them that you love them especially on those difficult days or after arguments. This is the time to reassure your child that you love them unconditionally. Say this with conviction and mean it even if you did not enjoy their behavior.

The most essential time for parents to express their love to their children is after the conflict. A simple “I love you” can go a long way toward strengthening the parent child relationship.

4. Have meals together to strengthen parent child relationship

A family that eats together, stays together!! You’ve probably heard it before, right? The best thing is these values hold true even in today’s age and time.

When you eat meals together (or at least 1 meal a day) with your family, it creates a light environment that is very much suitable for conversation to flow. Turn off the television and take your time to actually converse and enjoy the company of each other.

It has the potential to become a memorable experience for parents as well as the kids.

bedtime routines for kids - citymom

5. Create Bedtime Routines to strengthen parent child relationship

Reading bedtime stories to children and enjoying those small talks and cuddles are positive bedtime routines.

Bedtime is a great bonding time when children connect with their parents after the long day comes to an end. This is a wonderful time to show them your affection and listen to their whole day’s stories.

Having a bedtime ritual helps children feel more secure. This may be the only quality time that most working parents get to spend with their children. So try to make it as relaxing and joyful as possible.

Maintain this bedtime routine for as long as you can.

6. Respect your Child’s Choices to strengthen parent child relationship

You don’t always have to approve their shirt and shorts or be critical when you see them arrange their books or toys in their room. It is, nonetheless, critical to respect their decisions.

All kids look for some independence and free space even at an early age, and by doing so you can help them hone their decision-making skills.

child helping mom - citymom

7. Allow your children to assist you to strengthen parent child relationship

If you do not allow your child to assist you with various odd jobs and duties, you may unknowingly miss out on those light moments with the possibilities for closeness.

Allowing your children to assist you is a step towards strengthening parent child relationship.

Keeping the dishes back in the kitchen after dinner is a small example of things that children of all ages can do to help their parents. I personally enjoy baking cookies along with my daughter. When children assist their parents, they feel special.

Younger children can help with putting away laundry or sorting their toys, while older children can help with setting the table or preparing vegetables for dinner.

Children can also contribute by voicing their opinions.

So next time, when you are going out, ask your child which shoes go better with the clothing and value their opinion. Naturally, you must also be willing to accept your child’s decision.

8. Have one on one interactions to strengthen parent child relationship

It’s always a good practice to have one on one interactions with your child. This is a positive parenting tip and highly essential as it helps the parents to build a higher-level connection with their children. As a result, your kids may open up their feelings and may share things that they otherwise could not.

Make it a habit to have at least one such interaction every month.

9. Put away those gadgets to strengthen parent child relationship

Yes! this one too. When spending some quality time with your children ensure that you are staying away from all the gadgets as these gadgets may be the primary cause of distraction and may come in your way while you are working to build a strong parent child relationship.

strengthen parent child relationship promises citymom

10. Stick to your promises to strengthen parent child relationship

Keeping your promises is very important as it helps in two ways. First, it helps to build much-needed trust amongst your children. Your kids must know that you don’t simply make promises but also work towards meeting them.

Secondly, it makes them a good person as they learn the importance of keeping promises.

A few words from CityMom

A strong parent child relationship supports the child’s physical, emotional, and social growth. It’s a one-of-a-kind connection that every child and parent can appreciate and develop.

The child’s personality, life choices, and overall behavior are all shaped by this supportive and immersive bond.

Simply follow these helpful tips to strengthen the parents and child relationship and help your kids achieve greater results. In addition to this also check the 6 key ways to raise well brhaved children.

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