Parents love to see their kids grow with time. Although raising a child is a wonderful experience in itself, it can however be a little overwhelming and tiring sometimes.  And think of it when there are similar or same age siblings at home. The challenge would be double, right? Well not really!

Kids of the same age or with an age difference of under 3 years grow and learn things together. There are numerous benefits of having same age siblings.

Benefits of having same age siblings

1. Same Age Siblings have so much fun together

The best part about growing up with siblings of similar age groups is that they always manage to spend a healthy time with each other. Sometimes we are either too busy or too tired to play and jump and spend time with our kids.

Since both the kids are almost the same age, they are able to spare time together and have fun together. As the saying goes, two is a company, kids find ways to spend healthy time without getting bored.

2. Same age siblings learn and grow together

As kids grow together, they learn from each other. Siblings may have the greatest influence on each other.

For instance, when one of the kin watches the other drink juice and eat healthy fruits, the other is twice as likely to follow the suit.  So in a way, the younger one will implicitly learn things that would otherwise take you time to train.

It is also seen that one of the two (not always the elder one) learns to be more responsible and caring while the other one is more creative and liberal.

Growing Up With Same Age Siblings sharing citymom

3. Sharing and Caring

Usually, the kids are too possessive about their belongings. They always want to hold their favorite toys and keep them around.

When kids of similar age spend time together, they learn to share their things with each other. So whether it is their iPad, or their favorite toys, or even their favorite color pens, they develop the habit of sharing their stuff.  

4. Learning Appropriate Behavior

As kids usually show tantrums, some go to the extremes (read lying on the floor and crying for the new remote car they see in the mall), the parents mostly end up submitting to these demands.

This is because these little mischievous minds know that they are the only ones to get all the attention from their parents and grandparents. However, when these kids grow up with same age siblings, children learn to share parental attention. Hence, they soon begin to learn that some of their unfair demands would be simply discarded.

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5. Assistance in homework and projects

When the kids are of the same age, they find it comfortable to sit and learn from each other. So for all the artwork, homework, and projects they can sit together to work. The elder one is able to teach the younger one in the most efficient manner.

6. Your little mischief gets a partner in crime

Siblings close in age can become natural companions for creative exploration and lighthearted adventures. As the siblings get to spend time together, they can utilize their time in doing things that they would otherwise not do without the team. All these acts are fun-filled and can only be performed when you have a little sister or a little brother by your side to accompany you and face the consequences too.

7. You are not alone in the new school

In most cases, same age siblings go to the same schools. This is so much helpful as the children feel comfortable and relaxed knowing the fact that there is someone they know and trust, who is there with them in their new journey, someone who would always be available to extend their help and support when it’s needed the most.

8. Your siblings can always lend you an ear

There comes a time when the kids don’t have much to talk or share with their parents. While they do share most of their day’s activities and other kinds of stuff with their moms, but still, they always lookout for a companion with whom they can let their heart out, share their feelings, and seek suggestions. When you have the same age sibling by your side, you can share these things without much hesitation.

Growing Up With Same Age Siblings fun citymom

9. Family vacations are more interesting

As it is, there are multiple benefits of spending time with family on vacations. Add to it the fun of having same age siblings.

When siblings are of the same age, these family trips can have double the fun. While parents will always be observing and guiding you, your siblings will hold hands and explore things together.

10. A bonus for parents, same age siblings are each other’s first aid and security officers

Having same age siblings is in a way a relief for the parents too. Parents may not be with the children all the time, but the best part is that when the siblings are of the same age, they are usually spending most of the time with each other. This means, that if one is hurt, the other one can be super quick in getting the first aid.

Another benefit is that they are constantly watching and protecting each other. While they may be doing multiple mischiefs together, however, when they spot any external danger, they are together to find a rescue. If any one of them gets influenced and starts doing bad things, the siblings are the first ones to report to the parents before it gets too late.

A few words from CityMom

There are tons of other reasons why I love having siblings of the same age. Growing up with one myself, I have learned collaboration and participation, in addition to many other things. As kids grow together, they inculcate good habits and behavior in the most fun and entertaining ways.

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