As parents, we are always in a dilemma on how to raise well behaved children.

However, teaching our kids the right behavioral skills completely goes for a toss when knowingly or unknowingly, we sometimes do things that implicitly shape up the bad behavior in them. In fact, being too strict or too lenient can have a negative effect on the child’s development.

Our constant endeavor is to raise well behaved children who treat everyone with respect, portray good manners and greet everyone with pleasantries, without being provoked. 

Here I am going to list down some really simple and important tips on how to raise well behaved children

How to raise well behaved children

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1. Teach by setting examples – how to raise well behaved children

Kids are highly observant. Your kids will quietly notice how you deal with people, how you act in different situations and will probably parrot your behavior (so show them how it’s done right).

Use the words like “please”, “thank you”, “sorry” appropriately in your conversations and let them observe and learn from you. Additionally, if you don’t welcome your elders when you see them, your kid will go with the same pattern.

You don’t necessarily have to tell them each time, they will see you and learn how to greet elders, kids, and even the domestic staff you have in your house.

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2. Applause Good Behavior – how to raise well behaved children

This is absolutely required. Just as you reprove your child’s common behavior problems with suitable solutions, you need to simply appreciate and applause their good behavior as well.

So even if it is a small act like sharing food with siblings, studying and completing their homework, gardening the plants, etc., you need to praise them each time. This will motivate the kids to repeat the good actions and soon it will become their habit.

3. Quit Comparing Your Child – how to raise well behaved children

Every child is different and we as parents need to celebrate our child’s abilities without comparing them with their companions or the neighbor’s kids. Honestly, this is one of the main reasons kids show cold or rather bad behavior. 

When you constantly compare your child with his/her peers who are outperforming them in academics, sports, or just about anything, your child will feel demotivated and much of the retaliation and bad behavior is a result of that.

In any case, ensure that you are always there to direct them.

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4. Train them to not repeat mistakes – how to raise well behaved children

While making mistakes is common, it is important to learn the lesson and not repeat the mistakes again. Most kids think that saying ‘sorry’ is a convenient way to escape from the consequences without much hassles but they must know that every time the mistake can not be compensated with an apology.

They need to further understand that repeating mistakes and saying, “I’m sorry” again and again loses its meaning and appear as if they are simply offering an empty talk.

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5. Be available and spend time with them – how to raise well behaved children

Most of the things your kids do are in some way, their attempt to get your attention. All kids need our time, love, and attention and we need to understand that gifting them their favorite doll or their favorite Avengers toy is not a substitute for that.

If you want your kids to be disciplined and well-behaved, you need to be available for them. Your presence will give them the needed positive vibes and encourage them to be and stay courteous.

These days, both the parents are working and consequently don’t spend much time with their family.

When they don’t get enough quality time from their friends and family, their outrage emerges and is reflected in their actions too.

As a simple solution, try to invest at least 15 to 30 minutes every day with your kid. While doing so, keep your cell phones, laptops away to avoid any kind of distraction. Here are the most common ways to strengthen the parent child relationship.

Indulge in activities with your kids like reading books, singing, painting, etc., and see the welcoming changes in your child’s behavior.

6. Instill Good Manners – how to raise well behaved children

Clearly, youngsters don’t know about what ought to be done in their everyday life.

All the important day-to-day activities like rising early, brushing teeth, scrubbing down, tidying up the room, organizing the books, etc., should be educated to them in a nice way.

These habits look extremely basic, yet it is totally confusing for a kid who isn’t sure how and where to begin.

7. Allow your child to think – how to raise well behaved children

You may give your advice and opinions to your child but sometimes it’s important to stimulate their brain cells and let them do the thinking themselves.

It is a good practice to ask open-ended questions so that they don’t answer them in a simple yes or a no. The more they think and respond, the better it is for them.

When the kids are in their thinking mode, they are more involved and indulged in the discussion.

8. Create simple rules at home – how to raise well behaved children

Some kids tend to believe that they have the right to do anything they feel like doing. This is mostly seen in families with single children where the child acts out by whining and throwing tantrums. However, beyond a point, this becomes a big problem as the child may find it the only way to get things done.

Thus it becomes necessary to draw a line and mark boundaries so that the kids learn to respect limits. You can have your own set of rules at home like no phones before finishing the homework, helping to clear the table after having a meal, only 1 playing toy every few months, etc.

9. Listen Attentively – how to raise well behaved children

Be patient and be an active listener to your child’s needs. More often than not, they are telling you things with lots of excitement. It is required that you listen to them and respond properly.

A few words from CityMom

I hope you now know how to raise well behaved children. Just like a flower needs the right amount of sunlight, soil, water, and nutrition to blossom, your kid requires the right environment like love, attention, guidance, appreciation, etc. to grow into a well-behaved and disciplined person you always aspire them to be.

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