All kids can be naughty and careless in their growing age and this is completely normal. However, sometimes there are situations where kids tend to show very cold and indifferent behavior.

When there are such behavior problems in children, it becomes difficult for the parents to understand whether their youngster is simply going through a phase that will pass away soon, or if something is truly wrong.

One important thing to realize here is that most of the behavior issues in kids are viewed as normal at some point and the manner in which the parents react to these behavior issues plays a significant part in how likely their child is to repeat them later on.

After meeting about a dozen of parents and understanding the behavior of their children, here I am listing the signs that show if a child is suffering from any behavior issues and how to handle them.

Main Reasons for behavior problems in children

There could be several reasons and some needing clinical attention. However, 90 percent of behavior problems are a result of the following –

  • Anger
  • Anxiety
  • Fear
  • Depression
  • Resentment

Common Behavior Problems in Children and their Solutions

Children try to show their discomfort in different ways. Here are a few common behavior problems in children and ways to handle them.

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1. Physical Aggression – behavior problems in children

A child’s aggressive behavior can include throwing toys or books, harming siblings, or any other children. Overall if you notice your child engaging in frequent fights or being disobedient or even showing destructiveness, your child may need some help.

Kids can show physical aggression as a response to many things. Some children get aggressive as they don’t know how to deal with their emotions in a socially suitable manner. For some, it’s the jealousy from another child (could be a sibling or a neighbor kid, etc.) and for some, it’s merely because their demands not met.

How to Handle Physical Aggression in Kids?

To handle such kids, you need to be patient and let them spill out the reasons themselves. I would say that it’s good to speak it out rather than holding it within as it can otherwise lead to far more severe issues.

Be calm and listen to your child. Once they are done, be vocal about their wrong action and make them understand the consequences. In the event that aggression doesn’t improve over the long run, look for proficient assistance.

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2. Inattention – behavior problems in children

This is truly one of the most common issues these days. With hundreds of distractions, most children struggle to focus on one thing at a time.

While some form of inattention and lack of focus is normal, this actually becomes when the kids become restless and constantly move from one thing to start another without finishing any.

How to handle problem of inattention in Kids?

One straightforward approach is to minimize distractions as much as possible and let your child focus on one thing at a time.

What also seems to be working is praising your child for whatever little effort they had put in.

This could very well be because of low iron in their diet as it leads to poor concentration. You can try these best iron foods for kids and see if it works.

Regular practice of yoga has also helped in many cases.

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3. Disrespectful Behavior – behavior problems in children

Things like calling elders by names, tossing things around, making fun of anyone are a couple of instances showcasing disrespectful behavior. If this kind of behavior is not suppressed, it will probably deteriorate with time.

How to handle Disrespectful behavior in Kids?

Parents of such kids need to be firm and assertive.

None of the elders should respond if the kid continues calling them by name. Tell them to use kind words and clarify that you won’t permit them to use that language at home.

They may have to let go of their favorite toy or cancel the most awaited fun trip if the behavior persists.

4. Disobedience – behavior problems in children

When your child repeatedly resists things you tell them to do, such behavior is disobedience. For instance when you ask them to pick up the toys and put them in their place and they refuse or when you ask them to stop hitting or pushing anybody and they ignore your talks. Disobedience is troublesome and difficult to address.

How to handle disobedience behavior in kids?

What seems to work here is creating a “when-and-then” situation. Say, “When you get your toys, only then you will actually get to watch your favorite cartoon.” This usually works if the “then” in the situation is strong enough to compel the child to obey the instructions.

However, some kids are far rebellious and in their case, the “when-and-then” doesn’t work out well. So for such kids, you might have to give a warning followed by a result.

5. Lying – behavior problems in children

There are three fundamental reasons why kids lie:

1.     When they want to get noticed

2.     When they sense they may fall into difficulty and want to escape from it

3.     When they want to benefit from the situation

How to handle problem of lying in kids?

It is required to understand the reason for their lie and accordingly take the required actions. As a practice, parents should emphasize the importance of always speaking the truth.

Appreciate your child when they speak the truth—particularly when they realize that speaking the truth can put him in a difficult situation.

Say things like, I am pleased you didn’t lie about eating that chocolate when I refused, I should not be taking you out but since you didn’t lie, you will not miss your outing tomorrow.

A few words from CityMom

Behavior Problems in Children are best handled with consistent and controlled techniques. Remember that it’s pretty normal for kids to relapse often.

Such kind of behavior issues are quite common and might be only a development process that the kids need to go through. These may however lead to stress and frustration for the family.

Most of these issues need time and proper guidance. On rare occasions, if nothing seems to work then it’s best advised to take professional support.

In addition to this, also check out the most effective positive parenting tips that really work.

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