You all must have tried fresh and tangy pudina chutney made from fresh pudina leaves (mint leaves). But did you know that your modest pudina chutney which comes with a rich flavor is equally beneficial for our bodies.

Never thought about the benefits of pudina chutney and considered it as a healthy diet right?

Well, wait just one more moment to find it out.

Pudina is a good source of iron and folate, the two essential nutrients that aid the creation and maintenance of red blood cells in our bodies.

If you have a weak appetite or suffer from indigestion, you must include mint or pudina in your meals on a regular basis. Regularly consuming this green chutney, which is the hot favorite in every Indian household, has numerous health benefits.

The fresh mint green chutney has a basic recipe that has no sugar or other unhealthy and calorie-dense components.

In fact, it contains Vitamin A and Vitamin C, which work together to improve our immune system.

It’s a dish you can put in your child’s lunchbox with any food they like (and also with any food they don’t like because the taste is so fresh and tangy, your kid may end up eating everything you give them in their tiffin).

If your child is not used to spicy foods, you can lower the count of chilies and make it less spicy, keeping the mint taste intact.

In this column, we are going to look at the amazing health benefits of pudina chutney. So, continue reading.

Benefits of Pudina Chutney

1. Helps you get rid of problems due to improper digestion – benefits of pudina chutney

Digestion problems are quite common in India. Many people have problems such as constipation, irregular bowel movements, problems related to gastro, acidity, etc.

To counter these problems pudina chutney is very effective. When we make pudina or mint chutney with lemon, black salt, cumin, green chili, asafoetida (heeng), ginger, and garlic, it not only assists in digestion but also enhances the flavor of the meal. This is why you would discover green mint chutney incredibly suiting up with Indian fried meals such as pakoras.

I read a book called ‘Healing Foods’ which elaborates on the benefits of pudina in great detail. It clearly mentions that mint contains an active oil called menthol which has great antibacterial properties that relieve indigestion and free us from an upset stomach.

2. Highly effective in Curing Anemia – benefits of pudina chutney

We all know that a deficiency of iron can cause anemia. A person with this disorder has reduced red blood cells in his/her body. This greatly reduces the ability to carry oxygen to the body. Any person suffering from anemia gets tired easily, may sometimes remain short of breath, may have brittle nails, and may even suffer from fainting spells.

In such instances, green chutney made of mint (pudina) is highly beneficial. Pudina has the sufficient iron concentration to help the body regain its lost red blood cells.

3. Keeps your skin clear and glowing naturally – benefits of pudina chutney

Green pudina leaves have antifungal and antiseptic properties. Pudina leaves contain salicylic acid in high quantities which makes them a great source to combat skin-related issues. Therefore, eating fresh pudina chutney (mint chutney) prevents your skin from problems such as blemishes and acne.

It also detoxifies your body from within and gives you clear and glowing skin.

4. Aids in Diabetic Management – benefits of pudina chutney

This is one of the most important benefits for people with high blood sugar. Mint is a wonder plant whose leaves can regulate blood sugar levels by stimulating the secretion of insulin in our bodies. Thus, people who are suffering from diabetes must have at least 1 tablespoon of pudina chutney in every meal.

5. Controls Inflammation – benefits of pudina chutney

Mint leaves are rich in phosphorus, calcium, and Vitamins like Vitamin A, C, D, and E. They are also known to have anti-inflammatory properties.

This is why eating green chutney made up of pudina or mint, on a regular basis helps you get rid of inflammation in your stomach.

Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, pudina chutney is also beneficial in getting rid of common coughs and colds.

6. Helps You Get Rid of Headaches – benefits of pudina chutney

This point is also explained in the book ‘Healing Foods by DK Publishing where the author describes mint as a wonder herb. As per the author, eating pudina chutney in our meals will ensure that our headache vanishes in just a few minutes.

7. Complete Oral Care – benefits of pudina chutney

Another wonderful reason to eat pudina chutney in your lunch and dinner is that it contains an oil called citronella oil. This oil has a great property that can freshen up your breath almost instantly and help you get rid of that foul breath.

It also has germicidal properties which work wonders for your overall oral health.

8. Promotes weight loss | Helps you lose weight – benefits of pudina chutney

Yes, you heard that right. Many nutritionists recommend pudina chutney in every meal as it can help you lose weight and get back in shape. The essential oils of pudina chutney increase the bile flow which improves digestion and helps in absorbing nutrients from the food. Since the body is able to absorb these nutrients properly, the body’s metabolism increases which help in losing weight.

So add a bit of pudina chutney to your diet if you are looking for some easy options to lose weight and get back in shape almost effortlessly.

A few words from CityMom

Green pudina chutney is a delicious and healthy recipe that enhances the flavor of every Indian food.

Now you know that having a spoonful of this mouth-watering pudina chutney in your everyday meals not only improves the flavor of any food but also proves to be healthy in multiple ways.

Make this pudina chutney and keep it refrigerated so that it can stay afresh for nearly 2 weeks.

So what could be better than enjoying the tangy and tasty pudina chutney and improving your health alongside? Happy eating everyone!!

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