Children today are very choosy when it comes to food. They simply don’t want to eat any food that doesn’t taste good or even look good at times. This becomes a perpetual challenge for the moms as their little ones try to resist most things that are healthy.

With all the crunchy, munchy, and unhealthy options available, it is easy to fill up their empty stomach. There are so many tempting and healthy Indian snacks for kids which provide the right kind of nutrition. However, feeding them to your little one can be somewhat daunting.

If you too find your child shying away from healthy food, then we are sailing in the same boat.

Today we will look at a list of some tasty and healthy snacks for kids. Try these options and let your kids enjoy tasty snacks which are equally nutritious.

1. Besan Chilla – Healthy Indian Snacks For Kids

Besan Chilla is a tasty Indian snack for kids. This is basically a pancake made with besan (gram flour) and freshly chopped vegetables.

I remember, my mother used to make it for us and it served as a fast snack, particularly with evening tea. For my daughter too, I usually make a quick one with finely chopped onions, tomatoes, and coriander (dhania). A besan chilla is a tasty way to get more vegetables into your kid’s diet.

Health benefits of Besan Chilla – Healthy Indian Snacks For Kids

  • Besan chilla contains good amounts of Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2 and Folic acid which helps in improving metabolism.
  • Almost 70% of the fats present in besan are healthy fats i.e. unsaturated fats which are helpful in controling cholesterol
  • Because of the presence of folate acis, it improves the formation of infection fighting red blood cells in the body.

2. Sabudana Khichadi – Healthy Indian Snacks For Kids

This Indian snack is very popular throughout Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, and Gujarat. Sabudana khichdi is prepared with soaked sabudana, peanuts, spices, and garnished with coriander leaves, grated coconut, and sprinkled lemon.

It is a common fasting dish made during the Hindu fasting days such as Navratri, Ekadashi, etc. Since it is easy to make and has numerous health benefits, it serves as a tempting lightweight evening meal.

Based on the liking of your kids, you can prepare sabudana khichdi in sweet version as well as salty version.

Health Benefits of Sabudana Khichdi – Healthy Indian Snacks For Kids

  • Sabudana is absolutely gluten free which prevents stomach pain, indigestion, constipation and bloating.
  • Being a rich source of calcium, sabudana khichdi dtrengthens the bones in growing kids.
  • Thanks to the high amino acids and antioxidants, eating a bowl of sabudana khichdi can in strengthening hair and revitalizing skin.

3. Poha | Chidva | Chivda – Healthy Indian Snacks For Kids

This Indian snack can be enjoyed anytime from morning to evening. Poha is a healthy snack that has formed many variations in different parts of India. While some like to add spicy bhujia as a topping, others like to enjoy it with sweets like imarti. In Maharashtra, poha is also added with peas and potatoes and served with healthy pudina chutney.

With multiple variations, you can decide your own style and top it up nicely to make it look more tempting for your kids.

Health Benefits of Poha – Healthy Indian Snacks For Kids

  • Since Poha is made from beaten rice, it retains the mirobial flora and keeps the gut happy.
  • Poha is low in calories because of which it is one of the best ways to keep weight in control.
  • It is rich it Vitamin B which is great for your kids brain health.

4. Dalia | Daliya – Healthy Indian Snacks For Kids

Another healthy snack for kids is Dalia. It is made with broken wheat and is a wonderful staple food for all age groups. Since it’s a nutrient-rich complete meal, it’s apt to start the day with a bowl of Dalia. However, depending on the need, people also enjoy it during lunch, dinner, and evening snacks.

Dalia can be made sweet or salty depending on the taste and liking of your kid. Both ways, it stays healthy and is a lightweight snack.

Health benefits of Dalia – Healthy Indian Snacks For Kids

  • Being a protein rich diet, its good for strengtheing the muscles and tissues.
  • The natural husk present in dalia makes it a good source of fibre. which helps in cleansing the intestine and relieveing constipation
  • Dalia is a superfood with low glycemic index. This means glucose is released steadily into the blood stream which is helpful in maintaining the blood sugar levels.
  • With the goodness of Vitamin B, proteins, fiber and mineral, dalia is an ideal food which is highly essential for the physical growth and mental development of kids.

5. Upma – Healthy Indian Snacks For Kids

Vegetable Upma is a wonderful South Indian snack that is tasty and good for digestion as well. It can be made with sooji (semolina) or rice flour and even oats. Most kids like it since it’s a delicious tiffin snack or evening snack. For mommies, it’s a perfect dish to sneak in some vegetables to their kid’s diet which would give them the nutrients they need.

Health Benefits of Upma – Healthy Indian Snacks For Kids

  • Upma is rich in magnesium and zinc which are helpful to make your kids stronger
  • Vitamin B and Vitamin E present in upma help in strengthening the immunity
  • It is low in calories and cholesterol which makes it a healthy and balanced diet
  • Packed with healthy fiber and vegetables, Upma lets your kids stay active and energetic throughout the day

6. Idli – Healthy Indian Snacks For Kids

Our list of healthy snacks for kids won’t be complete without idli. In fact, looking at its popularity and health benefits, it is given its very own special day. Yes! we celebrate World Idli Day on March 30 every year. Even outside of India, Idli has its sizable following in San Francisco, London, and New Jersey.

Idli is a steamed cake made from rice and served with either chutney or sambhar, and sometimes both.

Health Benefits of Idli – Healthy Indian Snacks For Kids

  • Idli is a rich source of amini acids, enzymes and fibers. This makes it a wonderful food to gewt rid of any problesms related to digestion.
  • Lactic acid present in idlis also help in maintaining the pH balance in the intestines.
  • Eating idli meets your daily requirement of iron intake.
  • Idli is low in calories which makes it good for maintaining the optimum body weight

7. Dhokla – Healthy Indian Snacks For Kids

This popular Gujarati dish is famous all over India. Dhokla is a lightweight fluffy delicacy that is made with a fermented batter of gram flour (besan) and is rich in nutritive values. Some, who want to try an alternative base can also try rice flour, chana dal flour (chickpea flour), and even semolina (sooji). Its sweet and spicy taste is an instant hit among kids.

There are 2 main reasons that make dhokla a healthy option. First of all fermented foods have increased bioavailability and are easy to digest. Secondly, they are steamed and not fried, which is why dhoklas are simply healthier than most snacks.

Health benefits of Dhokla – Healthy Indian Snacks For Kids

  • Dhokla is smooth on the stomach which makes digestion easy and keepts the gut happy
  • Since its high in carb, it keeps your kids energetic throughout the day
  • The magnecium content in dhokla also aids in optimizing the blood pressure levels

A few words from CityMom

It is important to give your kids fresh veggies and a healthy diet. However these days, the taste of healthy food is not developed easily in most kids. So the humble parents have no choice but to think of innovative ways to feed their kids with nutritious food.

So the next time, when your kids show the least interest in the regular full meals, try these healthy Indian snacks for kids and let them fill their tummies the healthy way.

In addition to these healthy indian snacks, also feed your kids with these healthy snacks and healthy drinks.

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