The role of father in child development is very important. For them, their father are their first superheroes who can save the world from alien attacks and even protect the planet from the Thanos’ army.

Quite silly. Isn’t it?

Truly, they are simple beings. But that’s how the kids perceive them in their early childhood.

Kids are hungry for love and surprisingly both the parents have their own unique ways of showering their affection. While a mother’s love is skewed towards care and well-being, for a father it’s more about security and protection.

More often than not, we discuss the role of mothers but the role of a father in child development is seldom talked about. The truth is that the role of father in child development is very crucial. Fathers have a vital influence on their child’s emotional, mental, and physical development.

The role of father in child development cannot be emphasized more. Their active involvement in the child’s early years aids the youngster in learning skills that have long-term benefits in their lives.

When fathers bond with their children from the start and take an active role in their development, the kids grow cheerful, strong, and more confident.

Even small acts like playing simple games, singing songs, or reading stories go a long way to help their child in their growth.

My friend’s life is a classic example to prove the case. He has 2 kids, a son aged 4 and a daughter aged 2. Before the pandemic broke, he was so occupied with his work and travel that he could barely get time to spend with his kids. But now, since he is working from home, he manages to spend quality time with them. Every day, he spares enough time to study, paint, play, and do some fun activities together.

And the results?

These kids grew more active, mannered, confident, and better communicators.

The point I am making here is that kids learn a lot of things in the presence of their fathers and that the role of father in child development is highly significant.

Here I am putting down a few ways how fathers influence child development in early childhood –

Role of father in Child Development

1. Fathers make kids smart – role of father in child development

As per research, when fathers are involved in their child’s growth, their kids become smarter. Such kids start to show an improved aptitude and score high on mental development tests. Active fathers raise children who perform better on vocabulary and math. 

Tips for fathers –As most of the fathers patiently answer their kid’s 1 million questions on the “what”, “how” and “why” regarding every possible thing under the sun, their young minds get stimulated and you can see the noticeable transformation from the 1st week itself.

2. Fathers are their child’s Role Models – role of father in child development

Kids are highly observant and pick a lot of signals from their father’s verbal and non-verbal cues. The way they talk, the way they handle situations and deal with things, all of it leaves an impact on kids’ minds.

Boys usually imitate their fathers and they aspire to become a man with similar characteristics as they grow up. Likewise, girls too consider their fathers as their role models and look for similar qualities in their life partners.

father and daughter citymom

3. Offer an alternative viewpoint – role of father in child development

Active parents usually introduce their children to a variety of ways of thinking and problem-solving.  When fathers share their rich life experiences with their children, they greatly benefit from it.

They learn different viewpoints to solve the problem at hand. This opens their mind to multiple possibilities and gives them the freedom to choose what they consider the best.

This is a fantastic way to teach them how to make the right decisions.

father and son citymom

4. Build their Self-Belief – role of father in child development

The emotional support of a father towards his child is a priceless gift. Children whose fathers are more collaborative and supportive have higher self-esteem and are typically stronger than other children. They feel more valued and loved.

5. Make them more Affectionate – role of father in child development

Every day, tell your child that you adore them. When fathers shower their love and extend their support, children grow up to be joyful, healthy, and affectionate.

6. Fathers tend to be their friends – role of father in child development

Another role of father is also to be their children’s friend and foster healthy relationships with them. It’s always a good idea to befriend your kids. However, do keep in mind to set the boundary lines as sometimes the kids can take undue advantage of it.

When fathers become their children’s friends, children feel more comfortable and pour their hearts out which is otherwise not easy if they maintain a one-arm distance. Parents can simply follow these simple and highly effective ways to strengthen a parent child relationship.

7. Fathers are the guides to their children’s life – role of father in child development

While being friends is the first step (and the most important one) but, ideally, the fathers try to be the counselors to their children. As their child opens up about the goods and bads in their life and the challenges and difficulties they are facing, the fathers step in and solve their problems with sensitivity and confidence.

father protecting son citymom

8. Fathers are the protectors – role of father in child development

Fathers are the shield of the family. One of the most essential role of father in child development is to provide them with safety and security. In the presence of fathers, the children feel emotionally secure, mentally secure, and physically secure.

A Few words from CityMom

A child’s brain develops at the highest rate during the first five years. The neuronal connections of the brain are greatly affected by nutrition, good health, stimulation from talk and play, protection, and responsive caregiving. 

Thus it is of most importance for both parents to spend time with kids. For a kid, their parents are their first mentors who are always there to love them, guide them, comfort them and be with them.

The role of father in child development is highly important and spending quality time is perhaps the best gift a father can give to his child.

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