Parenting is not easy, but positive parenting tips can always help.

The world we live in today has changed drastically and the new world has brought its own set of challenges. The problem is that the parents are too busy and the children have access to too much information (read misleading information). All this can lead to a bad impact on their developing minds.

During their growing age, there are times when kids misbehave, stay cold, and refuse to listen to their parents. This is the real test of the parents as being too strict or too lenient can worsen their behavior.

In such cases, parents should keep their cool and deal with the situation without being harsh on them At the same time, they can’t be too easygoing and submit to things that aren’t right.

Therefore parents need to adopt positive parenting tips and make use of positive discipline instead of punishing their kids for their bad behavior.

So today we will have a look at some of these positive parenting tips and how they can help in improving the child’s behavior.

Positive Parenting Tips

If you are a parent raising a growing child, then start with these simple parenting tips and experience the change.

Positive Parenting Tips – Set Routines

Most parents would agree that time easily slips with kids. This is why it is important to set well-specified schedules for the most challenging times of the day. It’s always a good idea to have schedules well defined for mornings, after school, mealtimes, and bedtimes. Routines provide a sense of security and predictability for children.

How it helps?

Routines aid in the development of life skills teaches them time management and helps in the formation of healthy behaviors in children.

Hence, you can begin by working on a schedule for your child. A well-planned and consistent schedule helps in making kids responsible and disciplined.

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Positive Parenting Tips – Allow them to be independent thinkers

Whenever they encounter any problem, encourage them to first solve their issues on their own. If you want your kids to be able to take firm decisions and look at things with a problem-solving approach as they grow up, create opportunities for them to solve problems independently. Of course, you are always there to guide them and assist them when they are stuck.

How it helps?

This helps in the cognitive development of the brain. They learn many things from this. At first, they keep their brain cells engaged in thinking of all the possibilities to find solutions. They also learn to respect their decisions as they know that the outcomes are based on what they chose.

Teach them how to think about other alternate options for resolving a problem rather than acting out. If you have to get involved, don’t take sides; instead, ask questions that will help them come up with a solution that will satisfy both parties.

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Positive Parenting Tips – Spend time with them

No matter how busy you are, try to spend at least 20 minutes each day with your child. The personal time and attention that you give them will only strengthen your bond and bring your child closer. You can choose to do anything together. For instance, it could be reading stories, playing together, dancing and singing together, or even having them by your side while you are chopping veggies and talking.

How this helps?

Spending time with your children individually every day is the most effective way to improve their behavior because it provides them with positive feedback and emotional connection.

When parents spend time with their children it proves highly beneficial for the kids. They feel that they are your priority consider themselves valued and loved. This helps in strengthening the bond between parents and children. This is also a great way to be updated on their whereabouts, things happening in their school, their friends, etc.

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Positive Parenting Tips – Make sleeping a priority

Have you noticed how your kids act when they are tired? Mostly irritated and cranky right?

The same is true for most children. Children who get adequate sleep are more likely to be well-behaved during the day, even at school. Ensure that your kids get enough sleep at night and if it’s possible then a small 30 minutes afternoon nap too.

How it helps?

Kids feel fresh after a sound sleep. With fresh minds, they are able to better cope with their studies and do well in everything they do. This makes them less irritated and increases your chances of being more attentive.

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Positive Parenting Tips – Respond thoughtfully to your child’s requests

Every day, children bombard us with so many questions. It’s important to consider your child’s requests thoughtfully.

Of course, there will always be situations that need a firm “no,” try to explore alternative suggestions in such cases or explain your reasoning in a clear way if you cannot fulfill the request immediately

How it helps?

Children don’t like being refused all the time. When you say no to chips, candies, chocolates, playing outside for long, new toys, gadgets, etc. they feel that they are not being cared for properly. This may lead to bigger problems as they grow up.

Instead, if you say a mild yes and parallelly counter it with a better and more opportunistic offer, it helps the child to retain its excitement (of course for the new things). They feel that their parents have guided them to something better and don’t feel coming out as a loser.

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Positive Parenting Tips – Praise and encourage your Kids

No matter how small their accomplishments are, it’s always a good idea to appreciate their small achievements. It could be as small as brushing at night or coloring the book neatly.

How it helps?

Praising makes them feel confident. Kids feel that they are capable of doing things that can produce good results. This boosts their self-esteem and gives them the confidence to do more good things.

A few words from CityMom

The relationship between a parent and a child gets strengthened by mutual respect and open communication.

Positive parenting tips help in maintaining a cohesive environment and create conditions that help the children to be well behaved and better prepared for the challenges of tomorrow.

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