Most children today are super active and spend their energies doing multiple physical activities. Their bodies lose water at a faster pace, which necessitates the need for frequent hydration.

Water is one of the most healthy drinks for kids as it helps in regulating body temperature and improves brain function. It also helps in maintaining healthy body weight and reducing dental cavities.

Although water has many benefits, most children do not appear to be much interested in drinking plain water. This is why parents these days, have to look for new ways so that their kids can stay hydrated and they get a variety of nutrients through other nutritious beverages.

Why is Staying Hydrated Imporant – Health Benefits for kids

About 60% of our body is made of fluids it plays a key role in the proper functioning of the body. Here are a few benefits of staying hydrated –

Provides energy to the body

All the essential nutrients can easily flow if the body is hydrated enough. This helps in energizing the body and improving its physical performance.

Increase the functioning of brain

When the body is sufficiently hydrated, the required amount of blood flows into the brain. This is highly essential for the brain as it can function at a higher capacity. When the body is dehydrated with even 1% to 3% of water loss it can cause anxiety, headaches, mood swings, lack of concentration, etc.

The muscles and joints stay happy

There can be some friction between the joints and muscles in the absence of body fluids. To avoid discomfort, it is recommended to drink nearly 8 to 10 glasses of water every day.

Cleanses your body

Every day, there are enough toxins fed into the body from food, beverages, air, and the environment. It can drain our energy and make the skin look dull. By staying hydrated we can refresh our body and skin.

Improves the functioning of heart

Dehydration can lower the blood volumes in the body which makes the heart pump harder and faster so as to supply oxygen to all parts of the body. This can be eased by simply drinking enough drinks and keeping your body hydrated.

Keeps your stomach happy

When the body is not sufficiently hydrated, it can lead to constipation, hard stool, abdominal pains, and even cramps.

Alright! so now we understand the importance of fluids in our body. But how do we keep our kids hydrated?

Simple. Try these healthy drinks for kids that will keep them hydrated and energized.

Healthy Drinks For Kids

1. Fresh Lemonade – Healthy Drinks For Kids

Lemonade is a favorite beverage among most children around the world. It is also a terrific way to make water more appealing to children.

Depending on what taste your kids like, you can make a glass of fresh lemonade for your child in either a sweet version or a sour version or maybe a combination of sweet and sour. The tangy flavor comes from the lemon, but the sweetness and sourness of the drink are determined by sugar and salt. So the mixture of lemon juice, salt, and sugar makes the drink perfect.

Health Benefits of drinking Lemonade

  • Its one of the most preferred healthy drinks for kids as it keeps the the kids hydrated.
  • Being a rich source of Vitamic C, it has antioxidants that remove the free radicals from the body and improves the skin quality.
  • It helps in maintaining the bodies’ optimum weight.
  • Improves digestion and prevents constipation.

2. Coconut water – Healthy Drinks for Kids

Coconut water has a good amount of sodium, sugar, and protein in it. The amount of water and minerals in a child’s body boosts immunity.

If it’s possible, go for fresh coconut water rather than packaged coconut water. Essential nutrients such as electrolytes, potassium, chlorides, and magnesium are found in abundance in coconut water. Coconut water is a great healthy drink for your kids if you’re seeking anything other than water.

Health Benefits of drinking Coconut Water

  • Coconut water is rich in minerals and thus is most effective in rehydration of fluids after exercise
  • It optimizes the metabolic rate and helps in losing weight.
  • It naturally synthesizes collagen and helps you stay youthful.
  • Coconut water prevents the formation of kidney stones.

3. Buttermilk – Healthy Drinks for Kids

Buttermilk is simple to make and requires minimal effort. It contains beneficial bacteria that aid digestion and protect against stomach disorders. Buttermilk is referred to as a natural probiotic. Including this drink in your child’s diet will undoubtedly boost his or her health. It is beneficial for the stomach and children absolutely enjoy it.

Health Benefits of drinking Buttermilk

  • It is a perfect drink to hydrate the body in summers
  • As a source of calcium, phosphorus and Vitamin D, buttermilk is known to make the bones stronger.
  • Being a fermented dairy product, buttermilk makes the gums strong and improves oral health.
  • Buttermilk or lassi is a refreshing natural coolant which relieves the stomach inflammation and chest burns.

4. Fruit Juices – Healthy Drinks for Kids

A full glass of fruit juice is nutrient-dense as well as refreshing. But make sure your child doesn’t have any allergies or stomach infection at the time of having fruit juice and if so, then avoid for a time being. Freshness is critical for obtaining vitamins, fiber, and other essential nutrients so avoid the packaged juices. You may discover delicious fruits in every season and add their juices to your children’s diets.

Health Benefits of drinking Fruit Juices

  • All types of fruit juices are good for hydrating the body with nutrition.
  • Fruit juices are rich in Vitamins are are good for boosting immunity.
  • They help to keep the body strong and healthy.
  • Drinking a glass of fresh fruit juice everyday detoxifies your body.

5. Milkshakes – Healthy Drinks for Kids

When it comes to food, children might be a little picky. At this age, it takes a lot of effort to provide them with sufficient nutrients. Milkshakes are never a no-no with kids, and you should take advantage of this. To make milkshakes more nutritious, add fruits, milk, and sugar. This way, you won’t have to worry if your kids skip the fruits you serve.

Health Benefits of drinking Shakes

  • Milkshakes are healthy drinks for kids and equally tempting. Its a tasty way to hydrate your kids.
  • Since they are a rich source of proteins, they help in building the muscles and making the body strong.
  • Milkshakes are also known to induce sleep and are good for those with sleeping disorders.

A few words from CityMom

When nutritional values are combined with water it improves your kid’s digestive health, physical growth, and mental sharpness.

These healthy drinks for kids will keep them stay active and happy. So, to boost your child’s health include these healthy and tempting drinks in their daily diet.

Along with these drinks, if your kids are too choosy about what they eat then adding the right nutrition may be a problem. Try these healthy snacks for kids, that are light weight and full of nourishment.

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